What is Turbo Mode?

What is Turbo Mode?

Get started on NFT Factory with one click.

NFT Factory is an incredibly powerful NFT Marketplace, NFT metadata is stored on-site, which allows NFT Factory to currently support features new to Algorand's NFT landscape.  The ability to buy up to 15 NFTs in one transaction with the Shopping Cart, and a search feature to find NFTs by Metadata, ARC Standard, Creator, Item Name, etc.  These capabilities are powered by NFT Factory's ability to quickly reference this information instead of simply displaying the information found on-chain.

So what is Turbo?

Turbo Mode will allow users to bypass adding each NFT's JSON object to the platform individually before being able to list and sell an NFT held in a user's wallet on NFT Factory.  With Turbo List you can easily upload each asset in your wallet with one click.  

Turbo Scan will check each asset for its name & image so assets can be quickly listed on NFT Factory.

Once added all assets found in the scan can be found on a user's profile page where they can be listed and sold.  Sales on NFT Factory are recorded on NFT Explorer and listings will be available soon.

NFTs found in the scan will be shown once completed.