The Ultimate Algorand NFT Resource Guide

The Ultimate Algorand NFT Resource Guide
Algorand NFT Resources


MyAlgo Wallet - Desktop Wallet

Pera Wallet - Mobile/Desktop Wallet

Minting your Collection:

  • ARC Minter - NFT Factory's in-built minter is predicated by the original ARC Minter, designed for creators to mint and configure their ARC 19 NFTs.  ARC Minter is one of few ARC 19 minters that allows Creators to specify traits as well as configure/update their NFTs metadata or image.
  • AlgoNFT.arts - An extremely powerful tool for mass minting 1/1 generative collections.  This tool allows you to create your entire collection layer by layer and automatically mints with metadata based on layer names.  AlgoNFT.arts is Algorand NFT's best-kept secret, and we believe a tool this powerful should get more shine. Huge shoutout to @RUNVNC who runs and maintains this incredible tool.
  • Evil Tools - A great tool for creators and marketplaces to easily access collection metadata and information.  
  • KINN DAO - Mass minting, sending, and opt-in for assets.  

ARC Standards:

  • ARC 3 - First Algorand NFT Standard, allowing the NFT metadata to be hosted off-chain via IPFS (name, description, link, traits). This works by uploading your metadata JSON file to a server (centralized storage) or IPFS (decentralized storage), and then you put this link into the Asset URL field when minting the NFT.
  • ARC 19 - Allows Creator to update an NFTs image by changing the reserved address of and including an ipfs pin that allows your browser to check for the latest image when fetching an NFT's information.
  • ARC 69 - Allows for metadata to be edited at a later date with an asset configuration transaction.  Allowing for metadata & traits to be updated after minting an NFT.
  • ARC 18 - Proposed ARC standard for enforceable creator royalties via smart contract.
  • ARC 30 - Proposed ARC standard for organizing collections on-chain.

Popular Marketplaces:

Analytics & Statistics:

NFT Explorer - NFT Listings, Sales, and Collection explorer. View top collections & statistics on Algorand's NFT Ecosystem.

NFT Explorer Homepage

Asalytic - In-depth collection statistics, collection floor prices, portfolio estimates, and much more.

Asalytic Homepage

This blog will be frequently updated with new projects and tools that help out the creators of our NFT Ecosystem. Reach out to us if a tool you use should be included!