Minting Your First Algorand NFT in Under 3 Minutes

Minting Your First Algorand NFT in Under 3 Minutes

Creating NFTs on NFT Factory is quick, really quick.

Connect your Wallet:

- First connect your Algorand wallet by clicking on 'connect wallet' in the top right of NFT Factory. NFT Factory supports minting with Pera Wallet, MyAlgoWallet, WalletConnect, & AlgoSigner.

Note: Algorand Wallet must hold .1 Algos per asset opted into.  A best practice is to have a few Algos before minting your first NFT.

- Click on 'Create' in the top-right of NFT Factory.

Create a single NFT on NFT Factory

-Upload your file.

 Supported standards: PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4, MP3. Max 10Mb

-Choose your ARC Standard:

What are ARC Standards? - Check out this in-depth overview of ARC Minter, HEADLINE's in-built NFT Minter for NFT Factory, including detailed info on ARC standards currently supported by NFT Factory.  

  • ARC 19: Allows for the Creator to update the image or file pinned to the NFT  to create mutable/upgradable NFTs.
  • ARC 69: Allows for the Creator to update the JSON metadata of the NFT to represent 'traits'.

Customize your NFT:

Once uploaded, make your NFT unique! Give it a name, unit, and description, and add any details you wish to be included in the NFTs metadata, licensing rights for the holder, creator websites, traits, or collection information.

NFT Factory allows for complete customizability for Algorand NFTs

Mint Your NFT:

Once your desired information has been added, simply click 'Mint NFT' and sign the transaction pop-up on your connected wallet.  Within seconds your NFT has been created.

Once Created:

Once your NFT has been created you can see it on your profile page, where you now have the option to sell or auction your NFT off to the highest bidder.

NFTs created on NFT Factory can be traded, bought, and sold on NFT Factory along with the entire Algorand Ecosystem.

For more information on Algorand NFTs:

(Click here to see a blog by Algorand on NFTs and their value to the Algorand Ecosystem and the Creator Economy)