Algorand NFT Profile Customization on NFT Factory

Algorand NFT Profile Customization on NFT Factory

NFT Factory allows each wallet to host its own profile.  This allows users to have profiles for each wallet they possess or collections hosted by a single wallet and can have their own dedicated profile page with information about the project, links to project resources, & social media accounts.

This level of profile customization for NFT creators & collectors is a huge step in the right direction for the Algorand NFT Ecosystem.  

Profile Customization.

Easily manage multiple wallets or collections with the 'Manage Wallets' tab found on the 'Edit Profile' page.

Coming Soon: NFT Factory can also send Notifications to linked accounts.  Get Notifications on new bids, sold NFTs, and offers by linking a Twitter account to your NFT Factory profile.

Wallet Manager

NFT Factory is pushing the current boundaries of what it means to be an Algorand NFT Creator.  By allowing users ultimate control over their profile, along with created NFTs, and collections, NFT Factory is the NFT Marketplace for creators.