HEADLINE x PlanetWatch: Atomic Astros

HEADLINE x PlanetWatch: Atomic Astros

Hey AlgoFam,

We are happy to announce a complete rework of the Neon Astros NFT series.  This collection was originally planned to be minted on both Ethereum and Algorand. Our plan for the collection was to show the difference in emissions output from Ethereum to Algorand by incentivizing holders to bridge their ETH Neon Astros to Algorand & participate in a vault with bridged assets.

We reached out to PlanetWatch to assist us with the offsetting of emissions from the Ethereum minting, any buy/sell transactions, & bridging of these assets to Algorand.

After taking some estimates and comparing ETH transaction emissions, we came to a high estimate of 5,000 transactions and a maximum kW/h throughput of the collection of 1,191,100 kW/H.

On average, a single tree takes up about 150 kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere in a ten-year span.  This would require over 800 trees to be planted in PlanetWatch's Forest to completely offset minting on Ethereum.  

We have been working on this redesign since shortly after the launch & have only increased the scale of the project. During this time the Ethereum blockchain was able to upgrade to Proof-of-Stake, similar to Algorand's PPoS protocol.  Noting the difference in emissions when the project was conceived versus post Merge, emissions of the Ethereum have become negligent.  

We still believe in the potential visibility of minting the collection partially on Ethereum could net, but we are built on one of the greenest chains out there, Algorand.  We figured we could do better.  So we will.  

We will be minting the entire collection on Algorand, and committing 1,000 trees to PlanetWatch's Forest, more than would be necessary if we minted on Ethereum as we had originally planned.  That means one tree for each Atomic Astro, including additional offsets.  When we say Algorand is the green blockchain, We mean it.

With PlanetWatch's Forest, users that own an Atomic Astro will receive a code to a corresponding tree that they directly helped plant. Considering that the tree codes will be limited, only the first 1,000 holders will be able to redeem their code allow them to access information including the species and location of the tree they helped plant.

What does that mean?

Algorand's hottest new collection will be exclusive to the Algorand blockchain, with the additional emission bonus of planting trees. Because after all, what good is a carbon-negative chain if our leading projects are not a part of the cause themselves.

Atomic Vaults

Holders can look forward to Atomic Astro exclusive vaults on our Vaults Protocol. Your Atomic Astro will be your key to the vault allowing you to stake synthetic ASAs for rewards.

With HEADLINE's Vaults 1 Protocol opening after 6 months of synthetic staking, We are pretty excited for the Atomic Vaults that will be available for holders to access using their Atomic Astro as a key.  Look for updates regarding the Atomic Vaults after the public launch!

Vaults Protocol

On top of all that, We have brought in some special talent to redesign our original Astros.  In a style that we have always been quite fond of.  

We would like to introduce an incredibly talented artist, who has been creating and teaching others about his methods for years. We looked for an artist whose style felt in line with the original Neon Astros flat-abstract art style but could take it to the next level. Self-proclaimed "Creator of Joy", Mark Rise. We found his work on his "Faces of God" NFT series, and immediately made the connection to start working with him on this project...

And we couldn't be happier with the results.

First look at the Atomic Astro Artwork this Friday, October 28, 2022.

From Mark Rise's Faces of God Series "Dj of Art"

Total Supply & Whitelist Info:

For those that supported this collection at its initial launch, current Neon Astro holders will be eligible for  3 high-rarity Atomic Astros, free of charge, along with 3 WL spots for their early support of the Neon Astro's collection.  Snapshot for Neon Astro holders has already been taken.

There are also 400 Atomic Astro WL spots reserved for holders of the Algo Astros.  Each Algo Astro holder will receive 1 Atomic Astro WL spot for each Astro held. A snapshot will be taken on November 5th for the Algo Astros WL. After November 5th, Algo Astro WL spots will be closed.

PlanetWatch has also been given 400 Atomic Astro WL spots to distribute to their communities for their incredible work on the collection, keep an eye out for posts from them regarding distribution!