Atomic Astros Public Shuffle, Only on NFT Factory.

Atomic Astros Public Shuffle, Only on NFT Factory.

The Atomic Astros Public Shuffle is going LIVE today, November 16th at 12 PM CST, 6PM GMT. It will only be available at

We have had incredible success with the WL shuffle, distributing WL tokens to over 150 addresses in under 48 hours.  10% of the total collection has been scooped up going into the public shuffle with an additional 5% in our VIP shuffle.

Aaron had a few words to say about the incredible successes we have seen with this collection already.

"Thank you to everyone that has participated in/plans to participate in the Atomic Astros shuffle. This comes at a crucial time for the HDL ecosystem. Here is a full breakdown of exactly how we are going to use the proceeds of the shuffle: 10% of the final sale will be used for market buybacks of HDL (the community is still in a hole from the Yieldly hack and we are going to assist with patching that hole). 10% of the final sale will be contributed to our Planets tree-planting pledge for which each Atomic Astro holder will receive a special Planets NFT. 10% of the final sale will be used for ongoing hosting/server expenses (As more people use AlgoTrade and NFT Factory every day the more it costs to operate - excited to get AlgoTrade back online). 10% of the final sale will go to reimburse the company for the upfront Artist-fee for creating the spectacular collection art. The rest of the shuffle proceeds (60%), will go directly to the incredibly talented devs that have all been working for free since the Algo Astros collection ended.

We could not be more grateful for all the support we have received from the community over the last year as we bootstrapped the HEADLINE ecosystem into what it is today - arguably one of the best-positioned blockchain projects coming out of the bear market. Major announcements coming soon!" - Aaron Martinez, Founder & CEO of HEADLINE INC.

We are incredibly bullish for the weeks to come.  Here's to another incredible launch. L.F.G.